Grass Fed Lamb

Ohio is grass country. It's what grows here best. Humans can't get nutrients from grass, but the incredible power of ruminant animals is the ability to turn grass into meat while building soil. We now have a limited supply of 100% grassfed lamb available at Northside farmers market, and to our CSA customers.

Pasture Raised Chicken and Turkey

We raise chickens using a true pastured model. Our birds spend their first 3 weeks of life in a climate controlled brooder (built in the 60's and refurbished last year), with deep bedding kept fresh and clean, and fed our own blend of chick starter feed using corn grown on the farm. After that they move out to our fleet of 6 pasture shelters, floorless shade/rain protection structures. These shelters are moved every day, giving birds access to fresh pasture and their favorite food, fresh clover and bugs. In the fall we also raise a small batch of turkeys using the same process timed so that we can deliver whole turkeys, fresh (never frozen) to our customers the week of thanksgiving.

Maple syrup

Who would have known that you could drill a hole in a tree, collect the sap, boil it down, and end up with maple syrup!? We started making maple syrup as a sort of experiment, just to see if we could do it. Turns out that we can! We tapped 15 maples on the farm in the winter of 2015/2016 and made about 25 bottles of delicious syrup. This year we tapped around 75 trees! We sell 8.5 oz bottles for twelve dollars, and 12 oz bottles for fifteen at our farmer's market stand and at Growing Trade Pet and Plant in Northside.


We grow a wide variety of heirloom vegetables, but usually in small quantities for home use. We look forward to expanding somewhat in the 2020 season, and will likely include some vegetable offerings as add-ons in our protein CSA.


Our all-natural beef is raised by Mike, who has been working with cattle for over 45 years. Our cows spend their entire lives on the farm (very rare in the beef industry), enjoying a diet of delicious grass and fresh country air. During the winter months, their diet is supplemented with corn that is grown and ground on the farm. Our animals don't get fed any weird supplements or medications other than normal vaccinations. We think 100% grassfed is a great idea, and we are working towards that goal, but in the meantime our super local corn finished beef is pretty great.  Beef is available by the pound and can be picked up on the farm by appointment or at either of our farmer's market stands.

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