The family farm was purchased by Amanda's grandparents, John and Pauline Wilson, just after they were married in the 1930's. Over the years, the farm has produced plenty of cows, chickens, hogs, hay, straw, tobacco, wheat, corn and soybeans. Currently, Amanda's dad, Mike, farms corn, soybeans, and hay and raises the most delicious beef.


We (Brady and Amanda) started with 2 acres of hops, and became the first certified organic hop producers in Ohio. After a few years it became clear that the future of farming for us, needed to focus on animals, and grass. The farm now produces thousands of pounds of meat every year including truly pasture raised poultry, grass-fed lamb, and beef finished with corn grown on the farm. We also maintain a flock of 500 pastured layer hens, who produce the finest eggs in the city, and we make maple syrup from a grove of sugar maples in one of the summer pastures.

We are looking forward to creating a future for family farming in Ohio and beyond, that is not only sustainable, but can even improve the soils that we all rely on while producing higher quality food. We are currently planning for transitioning our farm toward energy independence with a small solar project and alternative fuels. We are hopeful we can also rebuild our rural community through cooperative farming ventures, and local sourcing of feeds, and labor.

About Old Dutch Hops


The Crew

John and

Pauline Wilson

Though no longer with us, John and Pauline deserve a spot here. Both of Amanda's grandparents were known for being honest and hardworking, Pauline was splitting firewood in her 80's. Without them, the farm would not be what it is today. 

Mike Wilson

Amanda's dad, Mike owns the farm and grows grain and does most of the cattle management. He has years of agricultural experience, and is dedicated to preserving the integrity of our soils through reduced tillage and crop rotation practices. There are very few "regular" farmers like Mike that have made a living on relatively small acreage.

Brady Kirwan and

Amanda Wilson

That's us. We met in Yosemite National park when we were both trailworkers there. We spent our 20's working in various parks as USNPS Rangers, doing everything from search and rescue, to law enforcement, to horse packing and firefighting. We decided that we needed to do something to reduce our carbon footprint, and building soil carbon through farming seemed like a possibility. So here we are, trying to make it work without further ruining the ground that was previously maintained so well by the people who lived here long ago.

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Amazing Family and Friends

The folks here are where it's at. Plain and simple.